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An estimate released today by the nonpartisan Urban Institute estimates that Denver’s underground sex economy is estimated at an estimated $40 million – an impressive sum in a city known for being “Mile High City,” due to its elevation being 1 mile above sea level. Furthermore, police may struggle to track all activity due to independent sex workers operating there.

Prostitution is illegal in Colorado, yet difficult to regulate. Most women working in Denver’s underground sex industry are independent contractors; some even work at both legal and illegal establishments simultaneously. Tracking these women can also be difficult due to frequent job changes and use of different aliases by them.

These sex workers interviewed for this story spoke under pseudonyms to protect both themselves and their business, as they believe policymakers and society have an inaccurate perception of sex work. Prohibition does nothing more than compound problems for those involved with it by further complicating matters – in their eyes, prohibition only makes matters worse.

Many sex workers interviewed shared that their decision to enter this career is often driven by a desire to be treated as real professionals, respected for their talents, hard work and integrity by others. Many also mentioned wanting to supplement family income through providing income they cannot get elsewhere.

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